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Practices within the Australian Advice Network provide a comprehensive range of financial advice services that include:

Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs) are a tool for risk management, investment management, retirement planning and estate planning. The benefits are control, tax effective investments, costs (for balances greater than $200,000), and flexibility. Some of the disadvantages are lack of diversification, and lack of skill and knowledge. There are obligations and responsibilities to running a SMSF which means that there are risks that need to be managed. SMSFs should not be entered into lightly and you should remember the primary purpose of running a SMSF is to provide for your retirement, not for buying personal assets. If not run properly the penalties can be devastating to your retirement nest egg. Your Australian Advice Network advice can help you identify if a SMSF is necessary to achieve your purposes or not and assist you in managing the burden of operating an SMSF if you require one.
Longer term investors need exposure to growth assets to outperform inflation and grow the purchasing power of their assets in ‘real’ terms. Trying to time markets can actually increase the risks in your portfolio.   Unfortunately many clients do leave the markets at exactly the wrong time and re-enter the markets well into the boom. Part of our role is to help you with these decisions and sometimes to simply persuade you not to make bad ones. We do actively change asset allocations based on risks we can see in the market but will always source your agreement before a significant change is made. It is the total return including fees that counts not any short term ‘wins’.   Your share portfolio could be managed through an online low cost trading account, a broker or a fully managed direct share portfolio. The Australian Advice Network have access to a number of direct share firms we have confidence in that align their investment philosophies with the broader objectives of our clients’ portfolios.   We work with you to identify your key performance objective. You may be focused on a portfolio that delivers Income or Growth or a combination of the two. We identify the appropriate method to manage your portfolio and adjust our allocations and portfolio’s to weight the results to your desired outcome.
Each client’s goals and objectives are different and therefore it makes sense that each portfolio should be different and individualised to meet your personal needs. After we have ascertained your goals and objectives we determine how much money you will need from your investments within the next few years (in particular retirees drawing an income stream), how much you will need for big ticket expenses within the next five years such as home renovations, overseas trips, children’s education, etc. At the centre of your asset allocation is your long term goal. From here we look at your risk tolerance as well as capacity to take risk and formulate a strategy for how and where you should invest your capital (generally referred to as asset allocation). Our investment philosophy is based on discipline, risk management, diversification  
  1. Discipline not speculation
Our investment style is for the long term and we consider that any short-term strategies will be speculative in nature. Short term thinking may introduce needless additional risk to your portfolio. We help manage your emotions when media or other events distract you to ensure you retain an intentional, disciplined long term strategy.  
  1. Risk Management relative to your goals
Investments attracting higher returns tend to have a higher risk. The Australian Advice Network educate clients about the implications of investment decisions. The important measure of risk is not the variance from an expected return but the risk of not achieving the outcomes important to you. For example, you may not need an aggressive investment strategy with higher risks to achieve your goal. We come to an informed conclusion as to whether or not an investment will provide you with an adequate return and is suited to the goals of your portfolio.  
  1. Diversification is vital
Concentrating your investment scope raises the level of risk and volatility without providing additional returns. We help coordinate your portfolio with a sufficient range of quality, well researched investments without unnecessary complexity so you can get a good night’s sleep.


CAN I AFFORD TO STOP WORKING AND IF NOT, WHEN WILL IT BE AN OPTION? These questions aren’t unusual and for many Australians the real frustration is not knowing the answers. You want to be able to stop working when it suits you without having to worry about money. Having to significantly drop your standard of living in retirement should not be necessary if you have a plan that answers these questions. The longer you wait the harder it will be to make up the gap between your superannuation, savings and investments and the income you will need. We help you make an informed decision about when it’s the right time for you to retire, and to ensure you retire to live life the way you want to live it. Retirement is the next stage of your journey, not the destination and we want you to enjoy it. We will be the ones worrying about investment returns and managing the risks that occur in all asset classes and we will be there to provide sound measured advice on maintaining your lifestyle. Life will always throw up surprises that need to be managed. The first step is designing your ‘Retirement Plan’. Setting realistic goals and time lines around your ‘Retirement Date’ means you need to know how much money you will need and what sort of income you will require. With a proper plan you will be amazed at what can be achieved by you in a relatively short time and the impact that this will have on your standard of living in retirement.
The financial implications of getting the details of lending decisions right can be immense, perhaps saving you thousands. There are different types of debt – good and bad. We explain the difference and make sure that – where possible – your debt is working for you and your future. By weighing up achieving your outcomes against imposing financial burdens that overwhelm you, we plan a healthy financial journey for you.  
Manage your Cash flow A house is only as strong at its foundations so we need to ensure our lives have strong financial foundations. We can help by putting a system in place that harnesses and directs income, reinforces good habits and provides support to impede bad habits taking hold.
  •  Review your spending patterns. Have you ever said about your money ‘I don’t know where it all goes’? Then you probably should find out. By reviewing your current spending patterns we can start to see where it all goes (which can be scary). Most people’s two biggest expenses are taxes and interest so we need to find the most appropriate strategies such as re-structuring your investments, taking full advantage of superannuation and maximising your deductions and rebates. Having an informed, independent perspective on your spending can help you identify areas that you may be able to save without impeding your lifestyle.
  •  Develop a cash flow plan that suits you and your lifestyle. We never get ahead if we're spending more than we earn. Our advisers can help you develop a plan, show you how you can track your ongoing spending against your plan and have a cash flow monitoring service that can do the numbers for you. Whatever your current situation, we work with you to create a workable plan that grows as your needs develop.
  • Help you identify the most sensible use of your cash surplus. The right use for your extra cash depends on your bigger picture. Should you put it against your home loan, save it, invest it or a combination of all three? As your financial guide, we can help with what will work for you and take advantage of the opportunities available to you personally. We help you maintain strong financial foundations so when the storms come you can withstand them. You receive ongoing support and encouragement to revisit your objectives and cash flow plans on a regular basis.
Sometimes we need to be reminded about what our most valuable asset really is. It can be much harder to anticipate the financial consequences of your loss of health than the cost of writing off your car. Perhaps this is why in Australia we are more likely to insurance our possessions than our health and income.
‘Wisdom consists of the anticipation of consequences’. Norman Cousins.
We discuss the consequences of the unexpected loss of family member’s income, health or life. This enables us to anticipate the needs you would like to cover in these situations. We can then generate a plan to protect you, and your families, lifestyle. We evaluate your future insurance cover with many different insurance providers to source well priced insurance with quality features and definitions which will be tested at claim time. You can receive financial relief in a variety of events, not just death. Such as;
  • Sickness
  • Accident
  • Heart Attack
  • Stroke
  • Cancer
The security of insurance protection would be invaluable in maintaining a financially stress free recovery. It can assist with a myriad of expenses including the:
  • replacement of income,
  • costs of medical treatment,
  • family mortgage, and
  • other household bills.
If you lost your financial income would your family be protected?

How we work

As a collaboration of Advice Practices, the Australian Advice Network, do not have shareholders in the background seeking a return from the group. This means the core purpose of the group is simply to share resources and build our service offering to provide excellent advice. As such we are advocating for our clients and can pass on any savings we negotiate for our clients.

AAN is a fees based licensee* with all fees agreed and signed off by our clients.

*Some existing clients and insurance clients may be on a commission structure

Adviser Education

AAN believes strongly in education as a key mitigation in reducing inappropriate advice. To ensure our advice is at a high professional standard for our clients AAN has very specific minimum experience and training standards for Advisers and any new entrants.

All advice giving directors of AAN are both degree and CFP qualified. New entrants must hold a relevant degree, plus industry training and 3 years of mentored development before they can deal directly with their own clients and that will be based on approval from the Compliance committee.

Diverse ongoing education will be provided and AAN has the authority to suspend Advisers if they are not meeting the minimum requirements.